Numerology Reading

What is numerology ready and how can it be helpful to you?

What is numerology reading?

Numerology reading is a form of divination that uses numbers and their associated meanings to provide insight into a person's personality, life path, and future. There are a few different numerology systems but all of them are based on assigning numerical values to letters, dates, or names to create a unique numerology matrix. Each number from a matrix, depending on where it's located, represents a different characteristic and can provide personalized information. 

How can it help you?

Numerology can provide an overview of details about you to get a better understanding of yourself, your uniqueness, your hidden talents, your potential and possible challenges on your way.  The reading can be more focused on your personality, professional success or relationships with others.

However, numerology can also be used to get an idea of what the current year/month is about for you and what will bring you more benefit if you were to focus on specific areas of your life. It's really useful when you feel stuck or lost and not sure what to do.

How does it work?

When you are ready for a reading with me please contact me and depending on what you would like to focus on with your reading, I would be able to provide you details with what you will receive during your consultation. It will require you to provide your birth details such as date of birth, place of birth (city, country) and time of birth (if known). We can book our call in advance and I will start working on creating your personalized matrix and prepare everything for our consultation. During the call I will walk through your focused areas and initially agreed aspects, their meanings and how they can work in your life. I will also provide recommendations on how to use the received information for your own benefits.

My recommendation

If you feel you would benefit from additional guidance and support after the reading I highly recommend looking into the Self-Discovery package deal. 

So you will not only get to know yourself better but together we will create a plan for how to turn your challenges into opportunities and make your potential become your reality. 

How much it cost

Numerology reading by itself cost £‎115.

Self-discovery package is great value because it  includes a pre-made personalized matrix, 1 session to talk through numerology reading and 3 follow-up life coaching sessions for only £‎200 (Saving you £50 on booking separately)



Thank you!